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Need to give your sales executives confidence?

Confidence in sales = happier people and huge impact on company targets. 

Now you can get sales confidence specialists to train your people to tap into their natural confidence and start seeing incredible results.

Silicon Valley's best kept secret

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Stop coasting. Start growing.

Boost Your Team

Is your team bursting with talent, but somehow not succeeding? Are you failing to reach company targets? Or maybe you’re just looking to make next year even more successful?

You have all the right people to achieve your goals- but that’s not all it takes.

Learn how to tap into your teams best work with a team success program designed around your goals by Sundial Consulting. 

Gain a team that loves to work together, starts producing incredible results for the company and is highly driven to succeed.

learning leadership sundial consulting

Upgrade Your Leadership

Top talent can be hard to find – and not every talented person is a natural born leader. 

But don’t panic – leadership skills can be learned.

Gain deep insights into your top talent and help them tap into their “personal leadership style”. Once someone understands their strengths and weaknesses as a leader we can teach them how to bring out the best in their team using personalised leadership strategies that will become second nature.

They’ll then be able to lead departments to smash business targets, understand how to lead and not just “manage” people, dramatically reduce staff turnover and ultimately become one of the best leaders you’ve ever hired.

"Sundial are a game-changer"
alyssa merwin linkedin sales vp sundial consulting leadership development
Alyssa Merwin
LinkedIn VP Sales Solutions

Working with Sundial has been one of the most transformative and impactful experiences I’ve had as a leader.

Andy has coached and developed me into a stronger and more dynamic leader and has helped me to do the same for my entire leadership team. Many of the leaders on my team have said that the work we’ve done with them has been the most important of their professional careers.

Sundial are a game-changer. They can identify gaps instantly, create forums of trust and honesty, and unlock people’s true potential.

"A bit of a legend and unicorn in the industry"
Jessica cambell google hr sundial consulting leadership
Jessica Campbell
Google AuNZ HR Director

Andy was referred to our leadership team with a strong brand and reputation of someone who was almost described as a bit of a legend and unicorn in the industry….someone who cut through, energized leaders, brought teams together in a short space of time, made an impact and brought deep insight into team development.

All of these things proved to be true. Andy, in a short period of time you’ve become a trusted advisor to the team. Thank you for what you’ve helped us see, feel and experience. From your weekly blogs, selfless time spent providing advice and active participation in leading our strategy days you’ve been amazing. I look forward to continuing the relationship with you in Google and throughout my professional career.

Our Projects

linkedin leadership development sundial small

Growth Strategy & Leading Change With LinkedIn

LinkedIn was doing well but wanted to grow further, faster.

They didn’t have a clear strategy in place for growth or for making teams work at their best.

We helped them with a complete culture shift that has been fundamental to their teams smashing their targets in the two years since starting with us.

netapp team development sundial small

Sales Strategy Planning with NetApp

Traditional sales training and account planning techniques had left NetApp frustrated and not hitting their targets.

We helped them acquire new skills in account planning, tapped into their teams personal ambitions and strengths and ultimately improve their sales significantly.

All You Need To Drive Success

History of Groundbreaking Success

Our consultants have sat in the top seats of some big companies and know the problems you're facing very well.

They're here to share the secrets to their success and show you how you can do the same.

Results Driven Change
- Not Fluff

We don't work on "fluffy" things that are quickly forgotten - we make a deep impact with lifelong changes that have proven to deliver incredible results.

You will discover intimate insights, but more importantly, you will learn how you can use those insights to deliver huge success.

Fully Managed & Tailored For You

From day one, we take the stress of organising training days, designing the timetable to focus on the precise problems your team are facing and getting people on board with the change that's needed - even the one's that dig their heels in!

Our Expert Consultants

We only provide expertise from those who have walked in your shoes – people who have dealt with change in big organizations, understand the importance of good leadership and – most importantly – know what works from real experience.

Andy kelly sundial consulting small

Andy Kelly

CEO & Consultant

Helping leaders show up at their best to inspire confidence & fulfilment in their people

andy craze sundial consulting small

Andy Craze

CCO & Consultant

Catalyzing team’s development to unlock business performance & personal growth

Steve howe sundial consulting small

Steve Howe

Associate Partner & Consultant

Helping clients improve business and team performance

lynne welke sundial consulting small

Lynne Welke

Programs & Consultant

Taking the time to gain self awareness – a gift we can give ourselves and our people

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