Our Team Effectiveness Approach

We help organisations to drive through change and deliver high performance by building trusted teams, that leverage complimentary skills and share a common purpose. We provide an ‘action learning’ environment enabling teams to learn together while moving forward with key decisions for their business

Diagnosis and Awareness
We create a safe environment for teams to openly review their performance and uncover opportunities for development and performance improvement
Culture for Change

We help teams to fast track trust and psychological safety, while laying essential foundations for highly effective: communications, decision making and execution

Mutual Accountability
We help teams create and commit to a uniting common purpose, with mutual accountability to business execution and each other
Brian Forster
Vice President of Marketing
Thank you for a great two days.  I was incredibly impressed by the way you managed the room and a collection of personalities.
Brendan Fitzgerald
Regionals Sales Director at NetApp
Thanks Sundial for the support you provided our Region this year, especially in the Desert. We really appreciated your support and engagement!  The team spoke of you as being one of the key elements in the Desert’s success for this year!  No surprise, thank you!
Elle Duncan
Global Director Sales Enablement Google
Tyler Peterson
Sales Director SAP
Ray Testa
Strategic Sales Manager AWS

Our experts

Andy Kelly

CEO & Consultant
London & San Francisco

Helping leaders show up at their best to inspire confidence & fulfilment in their people

San Francisco

I help leaders and teams be their best by encouraging reflection and collaboration

Steve Howe


My passion is helping people and organisations reach their potential

Lynne Welke

San Francisco

Taking the time to gain self awareness - a gift we can give ourselves and our people