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NetApp needed to grow their market share

Traditional sales training & account planning techniques had not delivered the sales NetApp desired.

Here’s how we helped them double their quota attainment.

“Let’s find what’s working best – and roll it out across the company.”

NetApp, a global data management company, undertook an innovative tailored sales transformation program to achieve sales growth and increased goal attainment for their largest global account teams.

The innovative approach designed by Glen Lally (Head of Sales Enablement) was to leverage data driven insights to uncover the key contributing skills and behaviours of their most successful Global Enterprise Managers (GEM) and scale those attributes across all NetApp Global Account Teams.

Glen Lally NetApp

Glen Lally

NetApp Global Senior Director of Sales Enablement


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After our deep dive investigation we found key areas that needed addressing

Quotas weren't being met

Less than half of Global Enterprise Managers achieving 100% of quota

Sales data wasn't being collected

Lack of sufficient data to make informed enablement decisions

No consistency in sales approach

A lack of consistency in capability, experience and sales approach

Our Solution

Sundial worked in partnership with Berkeley College to help NetApp acquire and embed the new skills and behaviours required to enable sales growth. 

Initially our role was to act as a catalyst for the self awareness that change was necessary and that people had potential to grow.

After diving deep into what their ambitions were, we delivered the following services to prepare the Global Enterprise Managers to maximise their learning during Berkeley’s academic component of the program.

360° Feedback

Real feedback is always needed for real progress - and we don't shy away from it. We taught NetApp to embrace feedback so they could continually learn and grow

Coaching Assessment

In person coaching assessment was absolutely vital to revealing the underlying issues the NetApp sales team were facing

Psychometric Testing

Each individual was tested and given a personally tailored learning plan that was proven to work for their personality

Change Analysis

NetApp knew change was needed - but what kind of change would deliver the best results? We dove in and helped them analyse problems and develop a plan for change

Personal Development Plans

We helped each delegate to construct a personal development plan that supported the program goals, aligned with their managers expectations and met with their own levels ambition

Team Effectiveness Training

Using time tested team effectiveness training we provided key teams with new communication strategies that opened them up, bonded them more strongly and helped to create an environment where people could share successes and failures so the whole team could learn and develop faster

Account Planning Workshops

We used account planning workshops to provide action learning opportunities, where new behaviours were practised and new habits were formed that ultimately lead to more success especially in their biggest accounts.


The Results

Huge Sales Growth

After the first year of Sales Mastery NetApp were able to increase the quota attainment of Global Enterprise managers to 88% – from starting at just 42%, doubling their initial results!

A New Standalone Branch

The success of the program has lead to so much confidence within this sector that NetApp have now formed a fifth GEO for Global Accounts as a stand alone business.

Continued Sundial Development

Sundial’s efforts were so successful that we continue to deliver sales leadership coaching and sales transformation programs across the globe for NetApp, so they can keep on the path of continued success.

"Sundial, without question, manage the most thorough, thought provoking, collaborative and disciplined account planning process that I have ever seen"
jon mellon netapp vp sales leadership training
Jon Mellon
NetApp Commercial Sales VP

In 25 years leading sales organizations, Sundial, without question, manage the most thorough, thought provoking, collaborative and disciplined account planning process that I have ever seen. They further take the time to explore and influence organizational imperatives that will be required to carry out the mission. A complete pleasure working with Andy and getting to know him.

NetApps Sundial Consultants

The incredible consultants who worked with NetApp to make these big changes happen.

Andy kelly sundial consulting small

Andy Kelly

CEO & Consultant

lynne welke sundial consulting small

Lynne Welke

Programs & Consultant

Andy is an associate consultant at Sundial Consulting, helping clients develop strong leaders, high performing teams and catalyse their growth. With over 20 years’ experience in the Technology sector, Andy has held roles as a sales representative, sales manager, marketing director, product management director and global head of marketing, learning & development and business systems. Most recently at Waters Corporation, Andy led the commercialisation of several new technologies into the market, built and led teams through organisational change and developed programs to drive revenue and team growth. Drawing on this real-world experience Andy has developed and delivered successful sales, coaching and leadership development programs and has worked with clients including Pfizer, Red Hat, Fidelity, Cigna, American Tower and Nestlé. Andy specialises in facilitating workshops and programs that bring incremental value to companies seeking to catalyse growth, develop collaborative high performing teams and navigate change.

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