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Get A Tailored Leadership Program

(That actually works)

Think your top talent could do even better?

We do too.

Developing better leaders from incredible companies like:

What would life look like if you could increase company growth, smash targets, boost staff morale and cut down staff turnover in just two days?

Well that’s what we’ve helped thousands of people do with our leadership development programs.

And now you can do it too.

"Sundial are a game-changer"
alyssa merwin linkedin sales vp sundial consulting leadership development
Alyssa Merwin
LinkedIn VP Sales Solutions

Working with Sundial has been one of the most transformative and impactful experiences I’ve had as a leader.

Andy has coached and developed me into a stronger and more dynamic leader and has helped me to do the same for my entire leadership team. Many of the leaders on my team have said that the work we’ve done with them has been the most important of their professional careers.

Sundial are a game-changer. They can identify gaps instantly, create forums of trust and honesty, and unlock people’s true potential.

"A bit of a legend and unicorn in the industry"
Jessica cambell google hr sundial consulting leadership
Jessica Campbell
Google AuNZ HR Director

Andy was referred to our leadership team with a strong brand and reputation of someone who was almost described as a bit of a legend and unicorn in the industry….someone who cut through, energized leaders, brought teams together in a short space of time, made an impact and brought deep insight into team development.

All of these things proved to be true. Andy, in a short period of time you’ve become a trusted advisor to the team. Thank you for what you’ve helped us see, feel and experience. From your weekly blogs, selfless time spent providing advice and active participation in leading our strategy days you’ve been amazing. I look forward to continuing the relationship with you in Google and throughout my professional career.

What can I get out of a leadership development program?

Increase Company Growth & Smash Targets

If you’ve got serious ambitions for growth this year, chances are you won’t make it happen without an incredible leadership team all working hard towards that same goal.
Gain the groundbreaking insights you will need to work as a team like you never have before, teach your leaders how to get more from their departments, how your top talent can support each other to get better results and watch serious growth happen with far less stress and a lot more joy! 

(We’re not even kidding here – time and time again we find people who enjoy the work offer up better ideas and work even harder)

Get A Uniquely Tailored Program For REAL Results

Your leadership development program is tailored uniquely for your company and your team because no two groups are the same. 

After all, Google’s top talent is made up of a group of individuals entirely different to Amazon’s, and their best talents, worst problems and goals are unique to them too.

We specialize in tailored programs that are developed to specifically address problems you might be having and the goals you want to achieve; so you don’t have to learn anything you don’t care about and your team can feel fully engaged with learning new and highly impactful techniques to overcome their problems.

The key to making a big impact on your leaders is simple – we only focus on what will really impact them in their day to day work.

Develop Your New Strategy

Develop a new strategy for growth that everyone can get behind.

Using innovative techniques you will open the floor to fresh ideas and insights into potential new opportunities that you’ve never thought about.

Your top talent will learn how to work together to develop a strategy they can all get behind, support each other through and work harder than ever to make sure it happens.

Lead Big Changes The RIGHT Way

Ever heard of learning ‘change management’?

Forget everything you you thought you knew.

Inspire the kind of change that people are aching to get behind – instead of learning how to manage people who are struggling to get on board with a big change, like they are the problem.

Learn how to lead change so that your team are excited, involved and eager to make big things happen. 

Then you can watch how creating change in the right way can do incredible things for your company AND your people.

Just two days. That’s all it takes.

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