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How do you deal with change?

How do you deal with change? Casey Carson Change is everywhere, and it is quickly becoming our only constant! However, only two thirds of change initiatives are successful. Why so?…

Does your team have a common purpose?

Does your team have a common purpose? Andy Kelly At Sundial we subscribe to this definition of a high performing team: A small group of trusted people with complimentary skills…
Nashville 4

Do you celebrate success?

Do you celebrate success? Andy Kelly I was lucky enough to be invited to break bread with my good friend Bruce Mahood (Sales Director South East Enterprise at NetApp) and…
Fast Feedback 2

Do you give ‘fast feedback’?

Do you give ‘fast feedback’? Andy Kelly Do you take time away from the whirlwind of  business to give each other feedback within your teams? During ‘project Aristotle’ Google realised…
Google AuNZ

Do you assume good intent?

Do you assume good intent? Andy Kelly I was extremely impressed working with the Google Australia & New Zealand leadership team in Sydney this week, as the have a clear…

How well do you know your boss?

How well do you know your boss? Andy Kelly I’ve just spent two days coaching 16 people during 1 to 1’s with their leaders in Brussels, with team NetApp. It…