NetApp, a global data management company undertook an innovative tailored sales transformation program to achieve sales growth and increased goal attainment for their largest global account teams.

The innovative approach designed by Glen Lally (Head of Sales Enablement) was to leverage data driven insights to uncover the key contributing skills and behaviours of their most successful Global Enterprise Managers (GEM) and scale those attributes across all NetApp Global Account Teams.


Client challenge

Consistently & sustainably grow revenue and market share within the Global account sector

Less than half of Global Enterprise Managers achieving 100% of quota
Lack of sufficient data
to make informed enablement decisions
A lack of consistency in capability, experience and sales approach

More about problem

Over 50% of revenue is generated from NetApp’s largest accounts and so it is critical that these Global account teams deliver quota for NetApp to meet their growth aspirations and market share targets.

Traditional sales training and account planning techniques had not delivered the sustainability or consistency of the sales execution desired.

Key areas for improvement

Quota attainment
Demonstrating Strategic Value
Executive Selling
Influencing Leadership
Building Teams

Our solution

Sundial in partnership with Berkeley College helped NetApp acquire and embed the new skills and behaviours required to enable sales growth

5 step self awareness discovery and change management coaching, preparing for the Berkeley component
A cadence of leadership coaching, development planning and action learning programs
Sales team effectiveness improvement and strategic account planning execution

More about solutions

Initially our role was to act as a catalyst for the self awareness that change was necessary and that people had potential to grow. We delivered a combination of: coaching assessment, psychometric testing, 360 feedback and change analysis to best prepare the Global Enterprise Managers to maximise their learning during the Berkeley academic component of the program, while aligning our approach to their level of ambition.

We helped each delegate to construct a personal development plan that supported the program goals, aligned with their managers expectations and met with their own levels ambition.

We leveraged team effectiveness interactions and account planning workshops to provide action learning opportunities, where new behaviours were practised and new habits were formed.

After the first year of Sales Mastery NetApp were able to increase the quota attainment of Global Enterprise managers to 88%. This has lead to a growth in confidence within this sector and NetApp have now formed a Fifth GEO for Global Accounts as a stand alone business.

Sundial continues to deliver sales leadership coaching and sales transformation programs across the Globe for NetApp.

Sundial Consultants On Global Sales Mastery

Andy Kelly

CEO & Consultant
London & San Francisco

Helping leaders show up at their best to inspire confidence & fulfilment in their people

Lynne Welke

San Francisco

Taking the time to gain self awareness - a gift we can give ourselves and our people

Mike Tankard


Inspire people to realise their true value; stretch beyond the obvious & be different

Casey Carson


Empowering people to inspire themselves through thought leadership and mindful coaching

Thank you for a great two days.  I was incredibly impressed by the way you managed the room and a collection of personalities.
Brian Forster
Vice President of Marketing
Sam Lewis
Sales Readiness at LinkedIn
Thanks Sundial for the support you provided our Region this year, especially in the Desert. We really appreciated your support and engagement!  The team spoke of you as being one of the key elements in the Desert’s success for this year!  No surprise, thank you!
Brendan Fitzgerald
Regionals Sales Director at NetApp

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