Brand YOU! Build A Development Plan (2020)

Welcome to the 3rd video of the ‘Branding You’ mini series from Sundial Consulting. Today we are going to help you build your development plan and we are going to help you take action. Hopefully by now you have built that rounded self-awareness, you’ve got a deep understanding of who you are, where you came from, your purpose in life, your preferences, your hopes and fears, your strengths and weaknesses. Then definitely your desired future brand – that reflects what you are going to do for your company differently and how you are going to show up differently.

Carl Jung, the famous psychiatrist, said, ‘When I fully accept who I am, then I can change‘.

That’s you, now is the time to take action!

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You have to do something differently if you want a different outcome, a different brand. Because we see who you are, that’s what we go on. Who you are stands over you so loud it kind of thunders, so we can’t hear what you say. So – you need to take action. That might be amplifying some strengths that you already have. It might be developing some blind spots or it might be taking on some brand new behaviours or characteristics that you haven’t had before. 

This is the exciting time, this is when things start to happen. For example, if you want to have a stronger voice in your company and in it’s direction, or in your division, or you want to be involved in bigger decisions. You are probably going to have to work on communicating with impact. You’re probably going to have to work on building a network – that could be part of your development plan. 

For me, when I came back from my toughest bit of feedback (and came back from a mountain with my PHD psychologist coach – who’d hung me over a chasm), I came back in shock. Then, I went into denial, like we all do. Then I got aware and I got curious about what I could do differently. And then I took action. 

You can start with very small things. Micro habits. I started with being more curious about my people. I started to ask them questions more than tell them things. I started to make less jokes in meetings with peers. And started to show up more professionally, I stopped cancelling my team meetings and actually extended them and had more of them. I took my team away for two days and got to know them, about their ambitions, strengths, weaknesses, fears and areas of development they need from me as their leader to be even better. 

I started getting invited to important strategic meetings at the company. They sent me to Harvard to get more educated on their business and where they were taking it. It was a great time. It was tough. It was uncomfortable. But, it really really helped.

So, that’s the opportunity for you now.

But, I want you to be super crisp about what it is you want to invest in. Most of us find change difficult. Only 25% of people say that they are naturally effective at change. Most of us normal mortals struggle with it. So, that’s why I want you to be super crisp about the exact areas you are going to work on in your development. 

I want you to run a little exercise. I want you to think about all of the people that you have been inspired by. All of the people that have impressed you. Those you have been proud of. In your life, whether it be in school, or college, in sports, in business, in politics. What is it that they had? What were the behaviours or characteristics that really inspired you. 

I want you to create a list and I want you to be really generous with it – as long a list as you can come up with. I then want you to compare it with the gap analysis you did around your self-awareness and your desired future.

What characteristics in here are going to help you to move from where you are now to where you want to be. I want to focus it down to two or three ideas of development. Then ask yourself, do they compliment your value system? Do they really help you go where you want to go? Will they make you happier? Will you be excited to work on them? Because, as I’ve said, change is difficult, but it helps if you have some motivation. If you think you are going to be excited to tick these off and become good in these areas, it’s really going to help you get through change.

Abraham Lincoln said, ‘I’m not bound to succeed but I am bound to live up to the light that I have’.

That’s the opportunity for you!

There are a couple of things that are probably going to get in your way and we want to help you with those. We want to really help you build this development plan. In fact we are going to go on to build a whole other series on building your development plan and executing your development plan. So make sure you have subscribed to our videos so you don’t miss that next video series from Sundial.

For now though, some of the things that could potentially get in your way and slow you down will be your friends AND yourself.

As I have said before, people find it uncomfortable when you change. Because, it might mean that they have to change. They want to keep you as they are. They want you to stay in place so they can stay in place. It was the same for me. Everybody wanted me to stay as ‘Kelly Boy’, that funny guy they had in meetings. They didn’t want me to be more professional. So, obviously you could try to make your friends understand, but ultimately do not keep negative people around you when you are going through change, it’s hard enough as it is. 

Secondly its yourself. Don’t let your ego get in your way. Your ego is the enemy, you are going to fail, make mistakes and do things wrong, that’s good! That’s when you learn, just don’t let ego get in the way. People with egos talk a lot about what they are going to do, but they don’t necessarily do anything. You need to do something, you need to take action. Think about what you want to do, rather than who you want to be. The doing will help you get there and we are going to tell you how to market in the next series.

So, nows your time. This is going to get exciting. To help you, we are going to give you a give you a gift – a simple structured development template that you can put all this into to help you monitor and measure your progress. Anyone who has already subscribed, don’t worry, as always you will have received this freebie straight into your mailbox. Those of you who haven’t joined the Sundial club yet, click below to receive the development template and future advice, gifts and news.

Why you need a structured development template:

Match your values with your goals

Work out what actions will get the desired results

Focus on developing a rewarding career

We want to hear about what you want to do next. We want to hear about your stories of change and development. We want to hear about how you are improving your brand. Contact by our contact page, on LinkedIn or where ever you like to follow us. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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