Brand YOU! The Importance Of Self Awareness

This is part of a four-part ‘branding you’ video series. We are going to help you build and amplify your brand and reputation. 

There are 4 parts to that… 

The first one is self awareness (this video is all about that). 

Secondly, deeply understanding a future that you can envision – Where do you want to go? What’s your purpose? What’s the reputation you want to create? 

Thirdly, we are going to help you with the gap analysis. What have you got already and what do you need to get? What are the superpowers that you need to amplify and what is the rich fruit of your development that’s going to take you to a really strong brand? 

Finally fourth, we are going to help you build your marketing campaign. We are going to help you get your brand out there in a way that IS authentic to you.

Today we are going to talk to you about self awareness. That rare opportunity to take the time to get to know yourself deeply. It’s really important you do.

It’s the platform for everything else. If you want to build a really respected brand that you are proud of, you need to know where you’re starting from.

It’s been statistically proven that self-aware people are more happy, more confident, more fulfilled, more successful, better leaders, better communicators. So it’s a really worthwhile investment, although many of us rarely do it! I’ve found a lot of people are using this ‘Covid’ situation to spend time at home really looking into the mirror. People want to look forward and get to know themselves. 

There are a few areas you need to focus on. So, we have created a brand new Self-awareness Questionnaire for you. We are going to take you through the different stages of how you can look at yourself.

Click on the link below to get your FREE self-awareness Questionnaire 

Do you want help with your self awareness? We have a FREE self-awareness questionnaire that is designed to get you taking steps towards…

a more confident you

more success at work

a more fulfilling life


Now, it’s going to ask where you come from, who you are, what you are most proud of, who inspired you through your life, when did you fail, when did you win, what did you learn from yourself, what are your values, what do people think of you, what do people say about you, what feedback do you get, what are your preferences, where did you get energy, what sort of control needs do you have, how much inclusion do you want with people, how much affection, do you need to be told you are doing a good job…

All of that (and more) are within the questionnaire.

Really all I want to say on this video is I want you to start to watch yourself. I want you to almost go through life over the next few weeks or so as we are going through this process with a video camera – a virtual imaginary video camera looking back at you. And just take a closer look at how you make decisions, how are you feeling when you walk into meetings, what is it you are trying to project as you get onto a call or you see a customer? How are people looking at you? What do you think they are seeing as you are talking to them? 

Trying to literally think about how you are coming across, but also how you are feeling about yourself and what decisions you are making about yourself. Should I speak up in meetings? Am I talking too much? Should I ask questions? Should I use long complicated words to look more intelligent? 

Just try to see what you are putting out there because that is what we are getting. Whatever you are putting out there to other people is probably what others are seeing. 

Then we want to know how authentic is that? How much of that is really you and how much of it have you laid on? Many of us have been inspired by people we have met in our lives, but some of us try to imitate them and then it starts to become a persona and it starts to become inauthentic.

So, I just want you to be super self-aware and really watch the way you do things and think about how you are thinking and feeling when you are taking action. You know, it is a wonderful gift if you get it. 

I was lucky enough to get self-awareness early in my career, it was hard but it was worth it. I was sent to the mountains with a PHD Psychologist. My company were worried about me, I was a great sales person but when they promoted me to a leader, not so much! They took me up the mountains and this guy metaphorically and physically took me to the edge of a chasm to show me where my life career was headed. It was really hard, fire hydrant feedback about what I really looked like to other people and it was tough. Of course, I denied it, got defensive. Like most of us, the adrenaline kicked in. Then I drove home, took five hours, until my lovely wife confirmed it all to be true, and it was a gift. It saved my career. It saved my marriage and sent me on a completely new direction in my life and career. And, that’s why I’m sat here doing this video for you now. 

So, please take this opportunity, it will take some time and investment from you. So, make sure you get your copy of the self-awareness Questionnaire. Start building your self-awareness and you’ll be ready for our second video.

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