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3 Important and easy Tips for Confidence and Success at Work

Gaining and then using your new found confidence will help you to develop and strive for change in your personal development at work. Whatever the time of year, reflecting back at your successes and loses, working out what we can do better, is a useful tool. However, without confidence, you are unlikely to take the necessary steps even when they are clear to you. This video will focus on the 3 main ways to super charge and maintain your confidence.

3 Important and easy Tips for Confidence and Success at Work – video

3 Important and easy Tips for Confidence and Success at Work – script

It’s a new year, a new start, time for change. Hopefully you have had time to reflect on what you are doing well and what you can be doing better. There is probably one or two things you want to do differently this year to take that next step in your career. But change is hard! We all find it difficult. It’s hard at the beginning of the year because you get back in the office to a tsunami of emails, your calendar fills up and suddenly you are back on the treadmill.

So, we want to help you with your change. The biggest area we would want you to think about, the biggest block to change with most people, is confidence.

We are going to spend a lot more time concentrating on confidence in Sundial. It has been proven statistically that:

  • Confident people make more money
  • Confident people are more successful

So, we want you to think about that, it really is important in change.

How people manage their confidence, how people manage risk, how people manage the fear of failure – these are at the heart of change.

Therefore, there are a few areas we want you to concentrate on as you start to embark on doing things you haven’t done before.

  1. Think about where you get your confidence from, the source of your confidence. For some people it’s the way they dress, for some, the language that they use. For others, it’s the knowledge they have or maybe their experiences. For me, it’s family. If I’ve got my family around me, they are all supportive and we’re in it together, I feel I can do anything. Of course I can’t, but I feel as if I can. So, work out what is yours and then work out how you can bolster it.
  2. Another source of confidence comes with teams. There’s a reason here on Sundial we spend so much time on teamwork – it really does boost peoples confidence. Because suddenly you feel like you’re not on your own. You feel safer, the people around you have got your back. They are there for you, they are going to support you. If you fail they are going to help pick you up. If they know what you are working on they are going to encourage and remind you of your development objectives. They are going to be someone to celebrate success with you as you start to make those changes and success starts to happen. And that leads us to the third point…
  3. You must celebrate success. Allow yourself that moment just to enjoy something you have done differently. Pat yourself on the back and just allow yourself that moment. A lot of people can’t. They struggle to celebrate. They can feel like they’ve never quite got there, or it or they weren’t quite good enough. We’ve talked a lot about Imposter Syndrome and we’ll talk more about it this year, it’s so prevalent.

So, think about the resources you’ve got and the source of your confidence, build teams around you to make you feel safer to take new risks and then remember to celebrate your successes (that will cement them and hardwire them into your brain).

Look out for a preview of our NEW online training course, coming next week. This is aimed to help manage people with their confidence in their competence. How confident do you feel in your competence – to be successful in your job?

Good luck and I would love to hear your views on this subject by commenting below!


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