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5 Quick tips to make your team feel appreciated

You can’t underestimate how important it is to make your team feel appreciated. A team member feels safer and happier. They become more high performing. Therefore, as a leader it is worthwhile learning the skills and investing the time on your team.

I have put together 5 Quick tips to make your team feel appreciated. Simple and affective ways to get the best from your team and to create loyal and high performing team members.

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5 Quick tips to make your team feel appreciated – script

Here are 5 QUICK TIPS on how to make your team feel more appreciated.

When people feel more appreciated, they feel safer, they feel happier and they are going to be high performing as individuals and they are going to be high performing as team members so it is a worthwhile investment for you as a leader.

Tip 1: You have to care – do you care about your people? I’ve met leaders who don’t and it becomes very hard for them from there on in. Look inside yourself and ask do you care about others, and if not you have to think of a way that you can. Even if you can just think about it logically. I have seen people who are very logical folk who don’t really invest in their feelings, emotions, empathy and compassion. So, when these leaders realize that logically it will help them, and help the business, they start to like it and see a benefit. And so over time they start to actually care! So this is really important. People will start to see whether you care about them or not.

Tip 2: Give them quality time. That is really hard as everyone is busy in the world of business these days, but it is a priority. You have to get quality time with your people to get the most out of them. You rarely hear people saying they don’t get enough time with their boss. The only time that happens is when you get a weak leader – someone who is a weak leader, someone who is narcissistic, control freak, micromanager, lacks integrity, and lacks social skills. If that’s you, I would respectfully say go watch some of our other videos about leadership skills and then come back and look at this one. But typically people want more quality time with their boss. If you can build the team that you need around you to help you let go of some of the things that you are holding onto, that will give you more time to spend quality time with your people. Some of that conversation will be the job and the task at hand. Some of it will be about coaching them and their development. And some of it should be about shooting the breeze and hanging about.

Tip 3: See them – See them doing something good and appreciate it and show them authentically. Watch your people closely and when they are showing the behaviours you are looking for, the behaviours that are going to meet your vision, your strategy, your planning, your number, call it out specifically and authentically and they will light up and run 100 miles for you. I know that was exactly the case for me personally. My boss saw me doing something well, it gave me extra energy, extra motivation and made me go the extra mile each day. Try to encourage it amongst the team – the responsibility doesn’t just lie with you, it also relies on members of the team. So, let’s help them give feedback and see each other in action.

Tip 4: Hang out with the team and create a kind of high performing team environment. Socialise together, get to know each other and build an environment of trust. If your people trust each other and when they feel safer they feel more appreciated. So, spend time investing on your team where people can start to create that phycological safety where they can hang out, talk together and give each other feedback and feel happier at work and feel more appreciated.

Tip 5: Involve them – involve them in what you’re doing and what you’re thinking. Crowd source your strategy, go to them to get their advice when you have big decisions to make. Even just listening to them will make them feel appreciated and that they are adding value. You don’t have to go the way they say – it’s your decision, you are the boss, but involve them in your thinking and your strategies and pull them into some of your tough decisions. This way they will feel super appreciated.

Thanks for listening. I’d love to hear some of your feelings on how to make a team feel more appreciated.

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