Important skills for leaving your leadership comfort zone

When considering leaving your leadership comfort zone you must start by asking yourself these simple questions.

When did you last surprise yourself?

When did you last do something that you have never done before?

Are you in the comfort zone?

In this video and bog post, I am going to help you work out these questions and give you some hints and tips on what to do next.

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Important skills for leaving your leadership comfort zone – script

Leadership comfort zone can be the right thing in certain times in your career or in your life. If there is something going on at home e.g. you have had some loss, going through a divorce or moving house – It can actually be wise to just turn the handle at work and do what you do well and play to your strengths. It could also be good for when something big has changed at work e.g. you’re working in a new team, for a new company – you initially go into a mode of flight or fight, and feel the imposter syndrome. It can serve you well to recharge your batteries, to do what you do well, get some quick wins and build some confidence.

However, if you leave it too long, it can become a comfort zone, it can become a rut where you start to deny that change is necessary, you wrap yourself in a duvet of denial. You maybe performing well but you kind of created a self imposed learning block. You have stopped being open to change and not stretching yourself. Often you can start to become a block for change for others as you enjoy the comfort and don’t want to take risks.

You can’t really be pushed out of comfort, you need to decide when you want to come out of your leadership comfort zone. It is usually shock that does it. For example, say you are in your performance review and you get a 1, you’re doing well and then things have changed and you haven’t noticed and it’s the next year and you go a 4 and you can’t believe you have gone from hero to zero.

So, if you want to get out of comfort and you want to grow and you want to stand out and embrace changes, you have to get curious and hungry for feedback. Start to build that self awareness of the limits of your potential and start to ask people for feedback of how they see you and where they see you going, what are your strengths and weaknesses.

It is a fascinating time, it can be frustrating as we start to wonder about the blocks and insecurities we have out in front of ourselves. But it is exciting, it is an awakening!

So, just ask yourself that question – what did I last surprise myself?

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