How to inspire change in a winning organization

At Sundial Consulting we recognise that inspiring change in a winning organization has its own deep rooted set of problems and issues to overcome. It is important to inspire change by facilitating a safe environment for honest and authentic feedback.

How to inspire change in a winning organization – script

It is important to inspire change & growth in your business even when you are winning. But inspiring change in a winning organization has its own deep rooted set of problems and issues to overcome.

I am excited because we are about to kick off Project Ignite with LinkedIn Sales Solutions, North America, spear headed by the Senior VP of Sales.

Sundial Consulting are going to meet with all of the segment leadership teams and have an honest conversation with them about their business. This team are already winning, but what they realise is you don’t have to be sick to get better.

They are a great team and organisation but they could be even better.

Things haven’t always been easy for this team. They have had some challenging times and had to have some robust conversations but this is going to take it to another level. This is a high impact leadership development and team effectiveness project. This is looking to continue to build a high performing sales team, to have a deep understanding of their business and to provide opportunities for people to have real self awareness about what people need to do differently and at an individual level. This is not just a sheep dip and a once in time opportunity.

These leaders have spent 18 months creating a platform and culture to be able to have this conversation with their people. They have created a culture of physiological safety where people can assume good intent, take off the mask and talk about what really matters both at a business level and a more personal level.

Getting that honest understanding of your business is the holy grail.

We are going to sit them down in a room and ask:

  • “How are you doing really really??”
  • “How are you doing really really on a personal level and business level??”
  • “What are the levers that we need to pull to get the business to a 10/10?”
  • “What are the metrics that matter that we should really focus on this year?”

We will also help the teams to create a common purpose that they are all committed to, that everyone buys into and lives to and that they will hold people accountable to take ownership of.

It is important that we create an opportunity of safety and deep self awareness. This will help people find those one or two things that they are going to put their name on personally, this year, to make a difference. To do things differently, to get an even higher performance.

Sundial Consulting are going to help them get to root cause of some of those personal challenges. Then create a robust personal development plan that they will hold each other accountable for and support each other as they go through the year.

Keep checking back as we will keep you posted on the progress of Project Ignite. Also, we would love to know how you are moving toward higher performance when you are already winning.

Please comment below on your thoughts, we would love to help guide you out of the leadership comfort zone!


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