How well do you know your boss?

I’ve just spent two days coaching 16 people during 1 to 1’s with their leaders in Brussels, with team NetApp.

It was a revelation for many of the folk when their manager offered unsolicited insight into his own frame of mind, his challenges and ambitions.

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It was fascinating to me that these people are part of a very successful sales team who spend their lives deeply understanding the needs and ambitions of their customers, but do not endeavour to do the same internally.

Tom Mendoza Vice Chairman of NetApp and good friend, told me that throughout his career he maintained “that what ever interested his boss, fascinated him”.

How do you manage your brand and career effectively if you do not manage your boss and their key stakeholders too?

In my experience this subject is very misunderstood and people feel that it is inauthentic to manage up and ‘toot their own horn’.

I ask sales folk to leverage their skills in campaign planning and turn the same approach internally. Find out what is important to your boss and their stakeholders and find ways to help them through things that you are doing with your customers and partners.

Help others above you with their priorities and they will start to promote you and your team.

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