Do you give 'fast feedback'?

Do you take time away from the whirlwind of  business to give each other feedback within your teams?

During ‘project Aristotle’ Google realised that psychological safety was one of the key ingredients to highly successful teams. This creates an environment of trust and openness, which in turn improves effectiveness and accountability.

With this platform of trust in place, it becomes easier for them to feel able to give and receive feedback from their colleagues.

Most of us find it difficult to give and receive feedback at work. It can feel inauthentic, intimidating and risky. However it is a gift! I often ask groups for a show of hands as to who would like to find out how they are perceived by their boss and their peers and there is always a full show of hands. We want to know!

We often feel that if we give positive feedback that it will come across inauthentic and if we give constructive that it will hurt the other or be politically damaging.

In our experience, if you give very specific positive feedback with clear examples of impact it is extremely rewarding and motivating for the other, even if they sometimes look uncomfortable.

If you give constructive feedback with care and help people to uncover blind spots, then it helps them with their development and builds further trust between you both.

Our advice is to take the time to create an environment of trust like Google and run a simple exercise called ‘fast feedback’.

  • Here is one strength or super power that I really admire in you and that you should continue and here is one behaviour that may hold you back or can be unproductive.
  • Then switch around and the other person offers the same for you.

This is such a simple process, but it can be extremely helpful and efficient. You can do this: by the coffee machine, by the water cooler, in the parking lot or in the bar.

Please give it a go and let us know how it went for you?

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